Resources for Students Spring 2012

Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU)  Summer 2012  (listed by Deadline)

NSF REU Sites -- various REU labs have different deadline for application submission. 

A list of REU sites in Computer and Information Science and Engineering.  Students can identify the site based on their research areas of interest.  

Google Freshmen Engineer Practicum: Application Deadline February 5th     (ONLY FRESHMEN)

Current freshmen majoring, or intending to major, in Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering will be selected to participate in the Practicum. This program includes three main components: a software project, skills-based training, and professional development. Freshman Engineering Practicum is only available at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. We invite you to join us for the 2012 Freshman Engineering Practicum program!  A 10-week development project that you will work on in a team of Googlers and two other Freshman Engineering Practicum interns.

NASA Academy Program: Application Deadline February 6th

The Academies are intensive educational programs which emphasize group activities, teamwork, research, leadership and creativity. The curriculum balances direct contact with science and engineering R & D with an awareness of the managerial, political, financial, social and human issues faced by aerospace professionals. Included are seminars, informal discussions, evening lectures, supervised research, visits to other NASA Centers and facilities, group project/s, tours, posters/presentations, and assessment. Additionally, most weekends are filled with group activities, team building and off-site trips. One free weekend is scheduled.

NIST - SURF Gaithersburg: Application Deadline February 7th to Dr. Boonthum-Denecke

SURFing is a partnership, supported by NIST, NSF, and the participating colleges/universities. We anticipate providing meaningful research opportunities for approximately 130 students in the Gaithersburg site-wide program. The NIST facilities are located just outside Washington, DC.  Students conduct an independent research project under the guidance of a NIST research scientist or engineer. One of the main purposes of the program is to encourage students to pursue doctorate degrees and consider careers in research and methodrology. The students receive a stipend for the 11 week program of $5500 plus accommodations at a residence hotel near NIST, daily transportation between the hotel and NIST, and an allowance for travel from the student's residence to Gaithersburg, MD. The program will run from May 24 to August 9, 2012 and concludes with a 3 day seminar where all students present their results.

[ This NIST-SURF application must be submitted by the university, so you should submit your application to Dr. B. by the deadline ]

DREU: Application Deadline February 15th.

Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates (DREU) was known as the Distributed Mentor Project (DMP) prior to 2009. The objective of the DREU is to increase the number of women and underrepresented groups entering graduate studies in the fields of computer science and engineering. This highly selective program matches promising undergraduate women and underrepresented groups with a faculty mentor for a summer research experience at the faculty member's home institution. Students are directly involved in a research project and interact with graduate students and professors on a daily basis. This experience is invaluable for students who are considering graduate school, providing them with a close-up view of what graduate school is really like and also increasing their competitiveness as an applicant for graduate admissions and fellowships.

Socially Relevant Computing REU at UNCC: Application Deadline February 26.

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Visualization, Virtual Environments, Gaming, and Networking is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With the objective of broadening the participation in computing doctoral programs, the targeted student participants are women and minority students from minority, women' s, and non-doctoral institutions. The intellectual focus of the REU Site is on computing research that is being conducted in four UNC Charlotte labs housed within the College of Computing and Informatics. Undergraduates will work, under the guidance of faculty, as members of REU lab teams to collaborate on research in the areas of data visualization, virtual environments, digital gaming, and mobile robotics/networking. (May 29 - July 27, 2012)

ARTSI Alliance (Robotics) REU: Application Deadline March 1st

ARTSI's Summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program is open to ARTSI students who are US citizens or permanent residents, and who will not yet have completed their undergraduate degree at the time they begin their summer internship. There are many research opportunities to choose from. You will find descriptions of the positions open in 2012 from the ARTSI website.

[If you plan to submit to this one, see Dr. B]

NASA Summer Internship:  Application Deadline March 1st

Achieving Competence in Computing, Engineering and Space Science (ACCESS)

ACCESS (Achieving Competence in Computing, Engineering, and Space Science) is a 10-week paid internship program at NASA centers around the United States. It is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities who have strong backgrounds in science and a desire to pursue technical careers. Students will work with scientists and engineers in an area compatible with their skills and interests. 

NASA Science and Technology Institute for Minority Institutions (NSTI-MI)

NSTI-MI is a research opportunity project for faculty and an internship project for undergraduate and graduate students at U.S. minority serving institutions. The purpose of the project is to increase research opportunities in NASA-related research; stimulate cross-disciplinary research; improve the transfer of information, ideas and technology; foster R&D management strategies and expertise; and establish educational frameworks and networks that will continue to expand the nation’s science and technology talent base. The Institute is located at the NASA Research Park at the NASA Ames Research Center, and is jointly managed by NASA and the United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP).

REU at U of Nebraska-Lincoln: Application Deadline March 1st

The Nebraska Summer Research Program is a consortium of NSF funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and other summer research opportunities programs (SROP). One unique feature of the Nebraska Summer Research Program is the partnership between the REU and SROP programs and the Office of Graduate Studies. Students benefit in having a community of scholars in which to learn and to share research with.  This intensive summer research experience provides mentoring and research experiences while allowing scholars to preview graduate school life. Students with a strong interest in graduate programs are particularly encouraged to apply, as are those from populations traditionally underrepresented in graduate education.   10-week program: June 4 - August 8.      8-week program: June 4 - July 27

REU Comp Sci & ECE at Auburn: Application Deadline March 2nd 

Summer research opportunities on smart UAVs is an excellent opportunity to explore the exciting frontier of unmanned technology. Twelve students will be selected to participate at Auburn University. They will form four teams who will compete to design the best algorithms to autonomously fly 6 to 12 UAVs on a limited air field. 8 weeks (May 28, 2012 to July 20, 2012)